1976 $1 Eisenhower Dollar Struck on 10c Planchet & Double-Struck NGC MS65

Business Strike

NGC 1976 bicentennial Eisenhower dollar struck on a dime planchet, and also double-struck off-center, and with a uniface reverse. The dime planchet is much larger than it would normally be due to having been struck on top of another planchet, and also from having been double-struck. 


The error occurred when a clad dime planchet was fed into a press striking Ike dollars and was struck while resting underneath an Ike dollar planchet. It was struck again before being ejected from the striking chamber. 


There are only 2 known 1976 Ike dollars struck on dime planchets, which both this coin and the other example being only struck on the reverse and having a uniface obverse. This is the only example that is double-struck off-center of the 2 coins. There are about 25 Ike dollars on dime planchets known for other dates, including both proof and business strikes, and also including those in museums as well as held by collectors.

Scarce as a type, but very rare as a bicentennial design on a dime planchet. The last time a bicentennial example was on the market that we know of was 14 years ago. 

NGC MS65 with lustrous surfaces and the slightest hint of golden brown toning. 

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1976 $1 Eisenhower Dollar Struck on 10c Planchet & Double-Struck NGC MS65