PCGS $1 1921 Peace Dollar Large Broadstrike XF-40

1921 peace dollar with a large broadstrike. The coin was struck out of collar, causing it to expand beyond its normal diameter. It is much larger than normal, with a large area of planchet visible, and also the coin has no reeding on its edge.

Peace dollar broadstrikes are rare, with perhaps 10 known for the series. The coin is a 1921, and about half of the known examples are that date. However, it's also the most attractive date since the coin's relief is higher than normal and also it's more popular because 1921 is a key date for the peace dollar series.

XF-40 with some dark toning in the recesses of the coin's design and on parts of the field, and with a few scattered small marks or scratches. This is typical for a peace dollar broadstrike since all examples we have handled have issues of some kind. Many were probably kept as pocket pieces or became jammed in counting machines or other equipment. The coin was also lightly dipped some time ago. A decent coin overall, being better than some, and probably placing in grade/quality somewhere in the middle of the known examples.