error information


These are the records of coins we have sold in the past. It is an invaluable tool, as it allows collectors to research information on the error coins they collect, and also find some information on values based on what we had offered the coin for. Of course our opinion of value is our own, but it is still useful in helping the collector formulate a value, especially when added to other information they collect. Enjoy the archives!


We publish any articles which we think are useful for the error collector for free to anyone who wishes to read them. There are many experts out there who are not willing or able to write books but who are regular writers of articles, and we're happy to help make that information available to error and variety collectors.

Website Links

There are many fantastic educational resources for error and variety collectors on the web, and we hope you find these links useful. Book Recommendations This is a list of error or variety related books which we think our customers would find useful.


Occasionally we find a minting process or coin-related video which we think has educational quality, and we publish these as a resource to collectors. Videos, particularly of the minting process, can be a fantastic way to learn, and we think you'll find many of these videos very informative.


We discuss error coins, the error coin market, and anything else we think you'll be interested in hearing about!


If you have any questions regarding mint errors or varieties, please contact us using the contact information found under "Customer Service."