Baltimore Coin Show Report for March, 2018

Baltimore Coin Show Report for March, 2018

Posted by JonSullivan on Mar 29th 2018

The Baltimore coin show held last week in Baltimore, MD, can best be described as "excellent." We did a lot of buying and selling, overall had a great show. Sales were stronger than we expected, and we sold a lot more than we expected to. Additionally, purchases were good, and we bought some rarities, as well as a pile of inexpensive errors. Many of the rare coins are off being graded, while the less expensive coins, and some of the already certified rare errors will be listed on our website in the coming week or so.

Our not that good photo of one of our four display cases of major mint errors at the show

Two records were set in the auction held by Stacks. A 1958 doubled die brought $336,000, which is a new all time record for a doubled die cent at auction, and also a Sacagawea/statehood quarter mule brought a new record for a sale at auction when it fetched $192,000! A 1955 doubled die brought over $100,000 as well, being a high grade red example. Other errors and varieties fetched expected or stronger than expected prices.

The U.S. coin market appears to be doing great, at least for "nice coins." Auction prices were good, and dealers at the show all had "ok" to "excellent" shows, with most saying they were having really good shows. This was despite the snowstorm canceling many dealers flights, and the attendance therefore somewhat lighter than normal. It didn't keep the dealers and collectors from having a great show though.

We do not have anymore shows now until June, which means a two and a half month dryspell from coin shows. We don't think this will greatly effect our supply of fresh coins though, since the Spring is a particularly active time of year in the hobby, and we expect to do a good amount of both buying and selling. If you want to get "first shot" at the coins we get in, be sure and send us your want list detailing what you are actively looking for right now. Otherwise, sign up for our "fresh coins email alert", which will send oyu an email when fresh coins are listed on the website (usually 2-3 times a month.) This is a good way to not loose out on new errors we get in, since many coins sell as soon as they are listed! You can sign up here for our email newsletter.

A view of the bourse floor at the Baltimore coin show.