​Baltimore Coin Show Report  March, 2024

​Baltimore Coin Show Report March, 2024

Posted by Jon Sullivan on Mar 25th 2024

After having just returned from the Baltimore Whitman coin show, held March 21st-23rd, 2024, we can summarize the show as a success for us. There was a pretty good amount of selling on our end to customers, despite missing the Saturday of the show (which nowadays, tends to be a low attendance day at coin shows.) There was a decent amount of inventory we purchased as well, but not quite as much as expected—in face, we probably sold as much as we bought, or close to it. At coin shows, we usually purchase much more than we sell, simply because there tends to not be a lot of error coin collectors at coin shows, but this show and actually the prior weeks’ ANA coin show flipped the script on that narrative, and we sold a decent amount at both shows.

Dealers in attendance who deal in other U.S. coins and other areas of numismatics, seemed to be having a “pretty good show”, and that’s probably how it could be rated as a whole. Collectors were active, wholesale was perhaps a tad weak, and overall it was a success for those in attendance.

As always, there was a lot neat coins to be seen at the show, including a amazing mint error exhibit of 20c pieces, and some great “regular” U.S. coins to be seen throughout the show. If you have not been to a major coin convention, consider attending, as it is well worth the effort.

We have a lot of fresh inventory, but much of it will be send of for grading, and will appear as usual in the coming weeks and months as it filters back in. A nice group of certified coins will be listed this week, so keep an eye out for fresh new purchases hitting the website.