Error Coin Market Report Thanksgiving Edition

Error Coin Market Report Thanksgiving Edition

Posted by Jon Sullivan on Nov 17th 2023

We have had a few coin shows in the last month, with the first being the new IMEX show in Nashville, TN, and then last week there was the Baltimore Whitman show, in Baltimore, MD. The Nashville show was the first for that location, and everyone generally had low expectations going into the show (since 1st year shows tend to be on the slow side.) It turned out to be as expected, slow, but ok. Some collectors did show up, albeit few. Most of the activity was wholesale, dealer to dealer, and we did some business, picking up some mint errors and selling some.

The Baltimore show in the Fall has traditionally been an excellent show. This year, it was on the slow side, but still a decent show. For whatever reason, a number of familiar dealers to us did not show up, and there booths were “empty.” Public attendance was also lackluster for a typical Fall Baltimore show, so it was overall a less than stellar show. That said, there was business to be done, and we sold some mint errors and it was nice to see some familiar collectors and dealers show up to “talk errors” and to do some buying and selling.

We picked up some nice errors at Baltimore as well, which will be going off to be graded, and will show up on our website or to want list customers (if you do not have a want list on file, email it to us to get first show at mint error coins that you actively buy) in the coming months.

The error coin market has been going along generally well. Like the “regular” coin market, there is some softness in prices, but as we’ve said in previous market posts, this is not unexpected and is welcome. Prices for all numismatics generally shot up in the last 2-3 years, and over the last year have come back down to earth to much more appropriate price levels.

We’ve actually changed prices on a number of mint errors (as we periodically do once or twice a year), to reflect wherever we see the market being. Rarely do prices go up for items in our inventory (once priced, we just generally don’t move the price up unless there is a really good reason to), and anything we think might be softer, was adjusted downwards to reflect the current market, so check back over the inventory if you’ve passed on any coins over the last year or so as the price may be lower than it was.

Now that the holidays are around the corner, there are no more coin shows for us until the FUN coin show in January. We have a quantity of coins in for grading currently, and more we are acquiring every week, so fresh coins will continue to be posts every week or two on the website as the come in.

There is a new coin show here in the Tampa area which will debut next year in September. The show is likely going to be large, with hundreds of coin dealers attending from around the country—we will of course be there as well with a large selection of mint errors.

We hope everyone has the happiest of Thanksgivings, and takes the time to spend some time enjoying their coin collections, and also to count their blessings—we are thankful for all of you, our customers!