error coin news update

error coin news update

Posted by JonSullivan on Apr 18th 2023

This year has been busy, with several major coin shows thus far, and the upcoming Central States coin show in Schaumburg, IL--which promises to be a good show, with around 600 tables. If you are attending the show, we look forward to seeing you there!

Some major collections have come to market over the last 12 months, which were remarkable, but are now broken up and seem to have been well dispersed and absorbed by the market. A lot of remarkable coins were in those collections, some of which we have for sale on our website--coins which rarely come to market, and tend to disappear and not resurface for many years or decades. And as is always the case when remarkable coins come to market, we regret we couldn't have bought more of them! Mint error coins are generally "scarce" as a whole, and so when rare mint errors come to market, it is time to make every effort to buy them if you can--they rarely stay on the market long.

The coin market is doing well, buoyed by precious metals prices, and a generally good economy. Collectors are buying, dealers are selling, and it is a good market. Some series have softened from their high prices of the 2021-mid 2022 era, while others have stayed where they are at--perhaps because some collectors "found their hobby again" during those years. Regardless, it's an active, and fairly hot coin market, with some of the "fluff" in prices having come back down to earth (which is doubtless a good thing for all involved.)

We are working on a new website! It promises to have better functionality and an all new "look", which we think you will like. Bettering sorting functionality will also be available, to allow customers to find their coins easier. We are expecting to have it launch by early June, so stay tuned.