Error Coin Report December 2022

Error Coin Report December 2022

Posted by JonSullivan on Dec 7th 2022

It has been a busy year at Sullivan Numismatics, with sales greatly increased from 2020 and 2021. We have been able to acquire many fresh coins to our inventory as well, and we have 50% more mint errors in stock than we did during much of the 2020-2021 period. The coin market had really come back to more or less "pre-covid" levels in most respects, with prices moderating on many coins that had spiked in price, and a more steady, healthy flow of mint errors is back in the market. This is good news for everyone, as it makes it more affordable for collectors, and also easier for dealers to find material to resale.

We have been listing a lot of PCGS certified, relatively inexpensive errors lately. This is an effort on our part to have more less expensive but also certified mint errors for collectors, and we have been pleased that they have been well received. Expect to see more in the month to come, in addition to the more expensive coins we offer monthly. 

Although some of of our articles go directly to this website, we have recently been publishing most of our articles in partnership with PCGS, both on their online blog as well as in the Rare Coin Market Report (we have an article on strike through errors coming in the next issue.) If you are not a subscriber, here is a link to their publication.

Our coin show list is woefully out of date, and we will be updating it soon with the coming year's schedule. For now, our next show is the FUN show, held in Orlando, Florida, which as always we expect to be a wonderful show. It is packed with dealers, collectors, and the nice winter weather in Florida makes it a great show to attend. If you are attending the show, I will be set up at table #918 "Sullivan Numismatics", Thursday-Saturday for the public.