July 2023 Error Coin Report

July 2023 Error Coin Report

Posted by Jon Sullivan on Jul 5th 2023

The summer Florida United Numismatics (FUN for short) coin show is coming up very shortly--next week in fact! Held in Orlando, Florida, it has become an excellent show. Generally considered to be a "slow show" in years past, that is no longer the case, with the show now generally considered a "must-attend" event for collectors dealers nationwide.

Of course, we are there to buy and sell errors, and will have several cases of mint error coins, including a wide array of major mint errors. If you will be attending the show, feel free to bring a few coins to show if you "have a question", and would like some information about your errors. Our table is #518, "Sullivan Numismatics" in the show guide. 

The error coin market has been quite busy and active. Moderate decreases in the price of certain errors, particularly in the coins valued under $1,000 or so, but also for other select error coins and types. This is because prices for coins in general were driven up because of a lack of supply over the last few years, but that has largely "righted" itself, and prices have been adjusting back to a more "normal" price level in our opinion. Coins that are truly rare were rare a few years ago and the same is true today--prices really haven't moved except for select pieces. Overall, a "healthy" coin market, with some "fluff" taken out of the market (which is a good thing) and prices really at more attractive and reasonable levels nowadays. 

We are always buying and selling. Feel free to send us your want lists if there are error coins you are eagerly searching for but just haven't been able to find--we will try to find the coins you need, and of course at reasonable prices. 

If you are looking to sell any error coins, you can always send us an email detailing what you are trying to do, and we are happy to make an offer if they are coins we need.