July Mint Error Update

July Mint Error Update

Posted by JonSullivan on Jul 29th 2022

The Summer slowdown which often occurs in July really never hit us—we’ve been buying and selling a lot this month. This is largely because collectors are still actively building their error coin collections, but also because we have had a lot more mint errors to offer of late. During 2020 and 2021, most coin dealer’s inventories quickly became rather small. Shutdowns related to the Covid pandemic, such as no coin shows, dealer’s with coin shops seeing fewer coins walk in, and just less activity amongst people putting coins up for sale led us and other dealer’s to have greatly reduced inventory sizes.

Having fewer coins to offer customers will inevitably lead to fewer sales, but this has changed this year, and we now have the largest inventory (and it’s quickly growing) that we’ve had since early 2020, which is good news for us and good news for our customers. We have many major errors, as well as a quickly growing stock of less expensive errors. The coin market has largely returned to a normal, healthy level of both buying and selling.

We were set up at the FUN coin show in Orlando, Florida this month, and it was an excellent show, with a good amount of buying and selling. We sold more than we expected to in fact. Other dealers at the show dealing in “non error” coins largely reported having good to very good (and no, that’s not a comparison to the grading scale) shows.

Our next show will be the ANA World’s Fair of Money, which is being held the middle of August in Rosemont (Chicago), Illinois. It’s one of the largest coin shows of the year, and promises to be a great show once again. If you are there, look up our table “Sullivan Numismatics”, table #1529.

If you’ve not seen our articles, we now publish occasionally write articles on mint error coins for PCGS’s “Rare Coin Market Report” or for PCGS’s website. They can be viewed at: