​Miscellaneous Error Coin Updates

​Miscellaneous Error Coin Updates

Posted by Jon Sullivan on Sep 1st 2023

The last few months have been busy—two coins shows, including one of the biggest of the years, the summer ANA Worlds Fair of Money. The show started for us on Tuesday, with some wholesale business with other dealers, and throughout the week we saw many retail clients as well as other dealers. It was a busy show, and resulted in a decent number (although not as much as we wanted!) of new purchases for our inventory. Sales were also generally brisk, and it was one of our busiest for sales since the FUN in January.

Dealers were busy, and sales were generally good for them as well from what we heard. The coin market has generally come back down from the frothy highs of the last several years, which is a good thing. Error coin prices also have come down to more “normal levels”, making it easier for us to price our material, and also easier for collectors to buy, since prices are not “to the moon” anymore.

There were quite a lot of collectors at the show, and the error coin club CONECA (a club we highly recommend any error collector join) also had a table there. There were a few error coin exhibits as well. All in all, it was a good show, and the coin market as a whole is doing pretty well based on the activity there (both for errors and regular U.S. coins.)

We have a lot of material off being grading (or to be graded), and so keep an eye out for out email alerts (if you are not a subscriber, you can subscribe for free and receive an email whenever we list fresh inventory on the website.)

A lot of fresh inventory is currently on the website, and there are a total of about 700 mint error currently listed. Since June, we switched over to the current new website, and although there were some glitches along the way, we are pleased with the new site. If you’ve not done so, you can create your own account on it, and when you order, you will receive updates as the order processes and is shipped, as well as additional information such as your past order history.

Additionally, the website has an “inquiry” button with every coin on the site—feel free to submit your questions about a particular coin. One thing we no long have are the error coin “archives.” This is a feature we couldn’t make work on the new site, so we have no plans to bring that back unfortunately.

To purchase coins on the new site, you can either sign in to your account, or simply checkout “as a guest.” You can do so quickly through Pay Pal, as well.

We hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend (and find some time for your error collection!)