New Unique Experimental "Nonsense" Quarter Surfaces

New Unique Experimental "Nonsense" Quarter Surfaces

Posted by JonSullivan on Oct 16th 2018

We recently acquired (and sold) a unique experimental nickel on copper coated zinc planchet, that was part of testing being done at the Mint in 2011-2012 era, which was reported in Coin World a month or so ago. From the same source, we acquired another unique experimental coin, which is a quarter "nonsense" design, which has also been waffle cancelled. One side depicts a rhino on the side of a rocky mountain, and the word "nonsense" as well as other words and numbers. Also, it is struck on a normal "clad" quarter planchet. There were 9 different metal tested, and one of them was a normal clad planchet, which is what this coin is. It is listed as J2225 on U.S. Patterns

Here is a Coin World article from 2013 which discusses the experimenting the Mint did in trying different metals out as alternatives for the current metals used in circulation, as well as some descriptions of the nonsense dies used:

Here is a link to a recent Coin World article about the newly discovered quarter:

The quarter is currently be certified by NGC, and will be offered for sale.