Recommended Error Reading

Recommended Error Reading

Posted by JonSullivan on Feb 6th 2019

Have you spent any time lately reading books or articles on errors or varieties? If not, you should consider spending some money on books for your library so you can be an informed collector. This investment in reading will give you a much better appreciation for your coin, as well as arm you with the knowledge you need to make informed buying decisions for your error collection. 

Below is a list of books we recommend for the error or variety collector. We’ll separate them into two lists for your convenience since most people either collect errors or varieties, and not both (but some do!)  Note that some of the books in either category have information which would be useful to a collectors of errors or varieties, since information on die production, for example, while especially relevant to variety collectors is also of great use to error collectors, etc. 

We are not in any way compensated by these sellers listed, and are putting links to their books as a convenience to our customers. However, the sellers are good sources for books and we’d recommend them.


The ANA’s Correspondence Courses on Mint Errors and the Minting Process. (This would be the no.1 book we’d recommend to error or variety collectors to take. You must be an ANA member to do the course, but it is well worth the relatively small cost.)

100 Greatest Error Coins

The Cud Book


Strike it Rich with Pocket Change

Cherrypicker’s Guide Volumes 1 & 2

Cherrypicker’s Top 150


Redbook (not an error book, but everyone needs a copy for basic information on coins.)